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S550 Steel Shot

Get a High-Quality S550 Steel Shot from China!

Are you in the market for a top-notch steel shot? Look no further than Kangfeides! We are proud to offer the finest S550 Steel Shot sourced directly from China. Our steel shot is known for its superior quality, durability, and exceptional performance. With Kangfeides, you can trust that you’re getting the best product on the market.

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    Introducing S550 Steel Shot from Kangfeides

Introducing Kangfeides’ S550 Steel Shot: a top-tier abrasive blasting media.

  • optimal hardness for swift and thorough cleaning;
  • impressive rebound resilience;
  • and exceptional performance on intricate shapes and internal corners.
  • It reduces processing time, elevates throughput, and lowers production costs.
S550 Steel Shot
S550 Steel Shot

Specifications of S550 Steel Shot

ProductSteel shot , Steel grit , Cut wire shot ,etc
SizeSteel shot : S70,S110,S130,S170,S230,S280,S330,S390,S460,S550,S660,S780,S930,etc Steel grit : G14,G16,G18,G25,G40,G50,G80,G120,etc Cut wire shot : 0.5mm,1.0mm,1.5mm,2.0mm ,etc
StandardEN12413, ISO9001:2008
Micro structureTempered Martensite or Sorbite
Hardness HRC 40-65
Field Cement plant , Mining , Power station , Chemical industries ,etc
MOQ1 ton
Lead TimeIn 15 days for quantity under 100 tons
Testing Size testing ,Hardness testing ,Chemical composition testing
Free SampleAvailable upon request
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    Quality Control

At our company, we prioritize top-notch quality control. Our in-house system encompasses comprehensive testing in areas such as chemical analysis, hardness, density, and fatigue life. We maintain strict standards for our abrasives and have a strong partnership with SGS Qingdao for specialized testing, including abrasive conductivity. Count on us for excellence in every aspect of our products.

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    S550 Steel Shot Production Process

  1. The production of the S550 Steel Shot begins with re-oversell flashing, a process that reduces the metal content on the shot.
  2. High-carbon steel, specifically 1.7mm steel shots, is used as the primary material, providing durability and efficiency.
  3. The steel is melted in induction furnaces at temperatures ranging from 1600 to 1650 °C.
  4. After melting, the steel undergoes atomization and is subsequently cooled in water, resulting in a bainite structure.
  5. The S550 Steel Shot then undergoes a series of quality control measures to ensure the highest quality product.
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    Steel Shot Application

• Descaling is a crucial process that enhances the surface quality and durability of a wide range of metal alloys, including steel, iron, copper, and aluminum.

• It is necessary to remove sand and other impurities from foundry products in order to enhance their toughness and performance.

• Shot peening is a versatile technique that can significantly improve the strength of various items, such as automotive parts, aircraft components, railway castings, gears, steel chips, and tools.

Why Choose Our S390 Steel Shot
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    Why Choose Our S550 Steel Shot

  • Choose S550 Steel Shot for its superior blast cleaning capabilities – perfect for casting, die-casting, and forging.
  • S550 Steel Shot excels in rust removal from various steel types, enhancing the longevity of your structures.
  • Opt for our S550 Steel Shot for effective shot peening of gears and heat-treated parts, improving fatigue resistance.
  • Our S550 Steel Shot offers efficient shot blasting for profile steel, ship boards, and other steel materials.

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S550 Steel Shot Blast Media - High-Quality S-550 Steel Shot in a Convenient Bag

The S550 Steel Shot, a product of Kangfeides, stands as a pinnacle in the realm of abrasive blasting media. It is a top-tier solution, distinguished by its optimal hardness – a feature that ensures swift and thorough cleaning of surfaces. Uniquely resilient, the S550 Steel Shot boasts an impressive rebound, ensuring it performs exceptionally well on complex shapes and internal corners. Its effectiveness significantly reduces processing time, elevating throughput and lowering production costs. This guide provides an in-depth exploration of the S550 Steel Shot, its features, and the value it brings to abrasive blasting operations.

Understanding Steel Shot

Understanding Steel Shot

Steel Shot is an abrasive blasting media used widely in surface preparation and finishing. It is characterized by small, spherical pellets of steel crafted through a meticulous process of melting, purification, and atomization.

What is Steel Shot?

Steel Shot is essentially tiny spheres of steel used in blasting operations. Blasting involves propelling these Steel Shot pellets at high speeds toward a surface, effectively cleaning or preparing it for further processing or finishing. Its use extends across industries, from automotive to shipbuilding and foundry to construction.

Composition of Steel Shot

The composition of Steel Shot primarily includes steel, with a small percentage of carbon, manganese, silicon, sulfur, and phosphorous. The ideal balance of these components lends Steel Shot its superior hardness and resilience. In particular, Kangfeides’ S550 Steel Shot is meticulously formulated to yield optimal performance and durability.

Advantages of Using Steel Shot

The use of Steel Shot in blasting operations offers several advantages. Beyond its impressive hardness and rebound resilience, it’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly, making it a responsible choice for industrial applications. Moreover, Steel Shot preserves the integrity of the blasting equipment, as it causes less wear and tear compared to other abrasive media. Its ability to reach intricate shapes and corners and its speed in reducing processing time make it a cost-effective solution that enhances throughput. In the realm of Steel Shot, the S550 from Kangfeides truly sets a benchmark.

Types of Steel Shot

There are mainly two types of Steel Shot: Carbon Cast Steel Shot and High Carbon Cast Steel Shot. These two types differ in carbon content, influencing their hardness and durability.

S550 Steel Shot

S550 Steel Shot is a particular category of High Carbon Cast Steel Shot. Its excellent hardness, high resilience, and efficacy in blasting operations characterize it.

Properties of S550 Steel Shot

S550 Steel Shot from Kangfeides offers optimal hardness for a swift and thorough cleaning process. Thanks to its impressive rebound resilience, it showcases exceptional performance on intricate shapes and internal corners. Furthermore, it reduces processing time, elevates throughput, and lowers overall production costs.

Applications of S550 Steel Shot

The versatility of the S550 Steel Shot lends itself to numerous applications across diverse industries. From automotive manufacturing to shipbuilding and foundry operations to construction projects, S550 Steel shot is the choice for a fast, efficient, and economical blasting solution.

Understanding Size Grading

The size of the steel shot plays a pivotal role in determining its effectiveness in abrasive blasting operations. Size grading of steel shots, like the S550, adheres to specific international standards to ensure consistent performance.

Standard Sizes of Steel Shot

Steel shots come in various sizes, each suited for a specific type of blasting operation. The S550 Steel Shot, for instance, meets the standard size grading for high carbon cast steel shot, ensuring superior performance across various functions.

Choosing the Right Size

Choosing the right steel shot size is crucial to achieving the desired blasting outcomes. Factors such as surface condition, the level of contamination, and the required surface profile must be considered while selecting the size. The S550 Steel Shot, with its flexible size range, caters to a broad spectrum of industrial blasting needs.

Benefits of Steel Shot Blasting

Steel shot blasting, particularly with the S550 Steel Shot, offers many benefits, making it a go-to solution for various industries. As a high-velocity, high-impact process, it efficiently removes surface contaminants and prepares surfaces for subsequent treatments, such as painting or coating. Additionally, steel shot blasting enhances the durability and longevity of the treated surfaces by creating a uniform texture that aids in the adhesion of protective coatings.

Applications of Steel Shot Blasting

The use of steel shot for blasting is widespread across various sectors. In the automotive industry, it’s employed in the cleaning and surface preparation of parts before coating. Steel shot blasting is used in construction to treat concrete floors, enhancing their durability and visual appeal. Meanwhile, in shipbuilding, this method is crucial for removing rust, old paint, and marine growth before repainting or welding. Moreover, foundries use the S550 Steel Shot blasting for descaling and cleaning castings. Regardless of the industry, the S550 Steel Shot proves its worth through superior performance and cost-efficiency.

How to Use S550 Steel Shot: Preparation, Safety Measures, and Best Practices

S550 Steel Shot

Before using the S550 Steel Shot, it’s crucial to ensure the preparation of the surface to be blasted. The surface should be dry and free from excessive oil or grease. This provides optimal contact between the steel shot and the material surface, leading to more efficient blasting.

Safety is paramount during the blasting process. Personnel should wear proper protective gear, including safety goggles, gloves, and protective clothing. In addition, the work area must be well-ventilated to prevent dust accumulation. Utilizing suitable dust extraction equipment is also recommended to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

When it comes to equipment, an abrasive blasting machine capable of handling steel shots is necessary. The device must have a well-maintained metering valve to control the flow of the S550 Steel Shot, and the blast nozzle should be of suitable size to ensure the right balance of velocity and coverage. Regular equipment inspection and maintenance are necessary to ensure its efficient operation.

Finally, best practices for shot blasting with the S550 Steel Shot include maintaining a consistent distance and angle between the nozzle and the surface throughout the blasting process. This ensures uniform surface treatment. Furthermore, recycling and reusing the S550 Steel Shot can significantly reduce blasting costs while maintaining the quality of blasting results. By following these guidelines, users can ensure optimal use of the S550 Steel Shot and realize its full potential in their blasting operations.

Choosing the Right Supplier

When choosing the right supplier for S550 Steel Shot, certifications, and quality standards play a pivotal role. Selecting a supplier who satisfies industry benchmarks and holds relevant certificates is crucial, which is a testament to their commitment to quality control and assurance.

Customer support and service should not be sidelined during your supplier selection. A supplier with responsive customer service can provide valuable advice and assist promptly in the event of any issues or queries, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Additionally, comparing prices and delivery options across different suppliers is a smart strategy. While the cost of the S550 Steel Shot is a crucial consideration, the reliability and speed of delivery should not be overlooked. Fast and dependable delivery can prevent unnecessary operation delays.

In conclusion, choosing an S550 Steel Shot supplier involves carefully evaluating multiple factors. A well-rounded understanding of all these aspects will enable you to make an informed decision that aligns with your business requirements and enhances your blasting operations.

As for any additional information, consider reaching out directly to potential suppliers. They can provide comprehensive product details, technical specifications, and tailored solutions to your blasting needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: S550 Steel Shot is a type of shot-blasting media used in shot-blasting machines to clean and treat various metal surfaces. Made from high carbon cast steel, it boasts a hardness of around 50 HRC and finds extensive application in industries such as automotive, aerospace, foundry, and metal fabrication.

A: High cleaning and peening efficiency, excellent durability, uniform shape and size, and low dust generation are some of the key benefits of the S550 Steel Shot. It ensures a smooth and clean surface finish, removes rust, scale, and oxidation from metal surfaces, and augments surface resistance to fatigue and stress corrosion. Furthermore, it is ideal for shot-peening workpieces to enhance their strength and lifespan.

A: S550 Steel Shot, designed explicitly for shot blasting applications, superiorly outperforms other blasting media such as sand or grit. Its higher density, hardness, and impact energy results in more efficient surface cleaning and treatment. Additionally, it can be reused multiple times, cutting overall costs and waste generation.

A: S550 Steel Shot is compatible with most shot-blasting machines. However, reviewing the machine specifications and liaising with the manufacturer is advisable to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

A: S550 Steel Shot is usually packaged in 50lb bags for easy handling and shipping. The bags are made of durable materials to prevent spillage or contamination during transportation and storage.

A: S550 Steel Shot can be procured from various online and offline suppliers and distributors. It is accessible on platforms like and through specialized distributors dealing with shot-blasting media and equipment.

A: S550 Steel Shot should be kept dry and clean to prevent moisture absorption and contamination. It’s recommended to keep the bags sealed and stored away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and corrosive substances to maintain the quality and performance of the steel shot.

A: The S550 Steel Shot is widely used for surface preparation before painting or coating. It effectively removes old paint, rust, and contaminants from the metal surface, ensuring proper adhesion and a smooth finish of the paint or coating.

A: The S550 Steel Shot is appropriate for shot-peening stainless steel. It provides the needed impact energy to induce compressive stress and improve the fatigue life of stainless steel components without causing any surface damage or deformation.

A: Carbon cast steel shot is available in various grades, including S460, S390, S330, and S170. These grades differ in terms of hardness, size, and density. The grade choice depends on the specific application and the desired surface treatment requirements.

A: S550 Steel Shot complies with ISO standards for shot blasting media. It meets the requirements for cleanliness, hardness, density, and shape. ISO standards ensure consistent quality and performance of the steel shot for various industrial applications.

S550 Steel Shot
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