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S170 Steel Shot

Quality S170 Steel Shot Supplier from China

Looking for high-quality steel shot for your industrial needs? Look no further! Kangfeides is a trusted supplier of S170 Steel Shot, perfect for blasting, shot peening, and cleaning applications. Our steel shot is manufactured with precision and meets stringent international standards. With our reliable supply chain and competitive pricing, you can trust Kangfeides to meet your steel shot requirements. Contact us today to discuss your needs and take advantage of our exceptional products and services.

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    Introducing S170 Steel Shot from Kangfeides

• Kangfeides introduces S170 Steel Shot, which is manufactured to SAE J2175 specification and available in sizes ranging from S-170 to S-460.
• It features a unique bainite microstructure with lower carbon and higher manganese chemical composition for longer life.
• The shot meets SAE hardness specifications as-cast and does not require any tempering process to remain crack free and maintain its quality wear rate.

S170 Steel Shot
S170 Steel Shot

Specification sheet for the S170 Steel Shot

cast stainless steel shot(SUS304)Austenite0.08%max1.0%max2.0%max8.0-10.0%17-19 7.4g/cm³
cast stainless steel shot(SUS430)0.12%max0.75%max 1.20%/ 15-167.4g/cm³
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    Quality Control

Our company employs an extensive in-house quality control system, ensuring strict standards for the testing and maintenance of our abrasives. With comprehensive testing capabilities like chemical analysis, hardness, density, and fatigue life testing, we guarantee the highest quality products. Additionally, our partnership with SGS Qingdao branch expands our testing options, including abrasive conductivity testing, to meet your specific requirements.

Steel Shot Production Process
Steel Shot Production Process
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    S170 Steel Shot Production Process

• Melting transforms steel into a liquid state.
• Atomization creates steel shot droplets.
• Thermal and mechanical treatments harden and refine the shots.
• Centrifugalizing provides shots with better finish.
• Screening guarantees S170-sized shots.
• Packaging prepares product for distribution.

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    Steel Shot Application

– Descaling is a crucial process that enhances the surface quality and durability of various metal alloys, including steel, iron, copper, and aluminum.

– To enhance the toughness and performance of foundry products, it is essential to remove sand and other impurities.

– Shot peening emerges as a powerful technique to strengthen an array of items, such as automotive parts, aircraft components, railway castings, gears, steel chips, and tools.

Steel Shot Application
Steel Shot Application
Why Choose Our S170 Steel Shot
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    Why Choose Our S170 Steel Shot

• The S390 Steel Shot offers high tensile strength for applications requiring impact strength, ensuring durability and resistance to fatigue.
• The steel shot blasting process is less abrasive than other media, producing minimal dust and reducing the possibility of equipment wear and tear.
• Steel shots are suitable for various industries including surface preparation, cleaning, surface finishing, and metal resurfacing.
• Their shape and low hardness prevent excessive wear on equipment while offering an economic choice with a high cleaning rate.
• Low carbon steel shot like S390 is ideal for foundry cleaning applications such as desanding, deburring, and descaling due to its lower hardness resulting in less wear on blast equipment.

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The Ultimate Guide to S170 Steel Shot: Blast with Precision Using Abrasive Cast Steel Shot

S170 Steel Shot is the blaster’s choice when precision and power are the prime requisites. With its uniform size, hardness, and density, this abrasive blasting medium ensures consistent, clean, and sustainable performance. Optimized for a broad range of industrial applications, S170 Steel Shot excels at efficiently removing unwanted surface materials and delivering an unmatched shot-peening effect. Its superior recyclability not only reduces environmental impact but also offers significant cost savings. Take a moment to explore the unique attributes of the S170 Steel Shot and understand why it is the preferred choice for professionals in the blasting industry.

What is Steel Shot?

What is Steel Shot?

Steel Shot is a type of blast media used in surface preparation and shot peening operations. It is produced through a process that involves the melting of very specific grades of steel, which is then atomized, cleaned, heat-treated, and screened to create a product of uniform size and hardness. Renowned for its durability and recyclability, Steel Shot is a long-lasting abrasive that creates less dust and waste compared to other blasting media. It’s particularly effective for applications requiring aggressive cleaning and surface etching, providing an optimal balance of impact force and abrasiveness. The use of Steel Shot results in a smooth, polished finish, enhancing surface properties for subsequent treatment or coating.

Benefits of Using Steel Shot for Blasting

Benefits of Using Steel Shot for Blasting

Steel Shot offers numerous advantages in surface preparation and shot peening operations. Its durability and recyclability contribute to a longer lifespan, reducing material costs and environmental impact. The uniform size and hardness of Steel Shot ensure consistent performance, superior surface finish, and enhanced adhesion of paints and coatings. This makes it ideal for applications involving delicate or complex geometries. Additionally, Steel Shot generates less dust, improving visibility during blasting and reducing cleanup. The shot peening effect of Steel Shot enhances the fatigue resistance of metal components, extending their service life. With its cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness, Steel Shot is an excellent choice for blasting. Experience the benefits of Steel Shot for all your surface preparation and shot peening needs.

Overview of S170 Steel Shot

Overview of S170 Steel Shot

The S170 Steel Shot is a premium-grade abrasive material that stands out in the range of steel shot options available in the market. With an average diameter size of 0.6 mm, it is a mid-sized shot that maintains the perfect balance between surface coverage and aggressive cleaning capabilities. Its uniform hardness and size allow for consistent, repeatable results, ensuring a smooth and polished finish on a variety of surfaces. Its medium size makes it versatile enough to be used in both delicate applications that require precision as well as heavy-duty jobs that require substantial impact force. The S170 Steel Shot is also characterized by its high recyclability and longevity, offering cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for shot blasting operations. When it comes to choosing an abrasive that delivers both performance and sustainability, the S170 Steel Shot is an optimal choice.

Understanding S170 Steel Shot

Understanding S170 Steel Shot

Properties of S170 Steel Shot

The S170 Steel Shot exhibits a range of physical and mechanical properties that contribute to its blasting efficiency. With a hardness rating of 40-50 HRC, this abrasive material demonstrates high durability and resistance to fracture, ensuring consistent performance even under intense blasting conditions. Its density of approximately 7.8 g/cm³ allows for effective momentum transfer, maximizing the impact and cleaning capabilities. Furthermore, its round shape contributes to a uniform and smooth surface finish. Its metallic composition, primarily featuring Carbon, Manganese, and Silicon, provides it with excellent resistance to rust and corrosion. The S170 Steel Shot’s properties, combined with its recyclability and high lifespan, contribute to its overall cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness, solidifying its position as an ideal choice for surface preparation and shot peening applications.

Specifications of S170 Steel Shot

The S170 Steel Shot is manufactured in adherence to stringent specifications that ensure its consistency, durability, and blasting effectiveness. It has a diameter of 0.6 mm, providing an ideal balance between coverage area and impact force. The metallic composition of S170 Steel Shot primarily consists of 0.85-1.20% Carbon, 0.60-1.20% Manganese, ≤1.50% Silicon, ≤0.040% Sulfur, and ≤0.045% Phosphorus. This alloy composition is optimized for toughness and resistance to corrosion. The S170 Steel Shot is also produced following the standards set out by SAE J827, reinforcing its international credibility and acceptance. These specifications underline the S170 Steel Shot’s commitment to delivering high-quality performance in a variety of blasting operations.

S170 Steel Shot in Shot Blast Machines

The S170 Steel Shot is a perfect fit for various shot blasting machines. Whether it be a wheel machine or air blast equipment, the S170 Steel Shot exhibits an outstanding performance. In wheel machines, the size and the spherical shape of the S170 allow it to be propelled at high speeds, enhancing its impact force and cleaning efficiency. When it comes to air blast equipment, the high density of the S170 facilitates its projection in a more controlled manner, reducing overspray and increasing the focus on the target surface. Its anti-corrosive properties enhance the lifespan of the blasting equipment, decreasing maintenance costs. Hence, the S170 Steel Shot effectively enhances the blasting operations’ efficiency, providing a durable and cost-effective solution for industrial surface preparation and shot peening applications.

Applications of S170 Steel Shot

Applications of S170 Steel Shot

Shot Blasting Applications

S170 Steel Shot is a versatile abrasive, suitable for a broad range of shot blasting applications. In the realm of surface preparation, it is used to clean and condition the surfaces of metals and concrete, effectively removing mill scale, rust, old paint, and dirt while imparting a uniform, clean, and polished surface. This prepares the surface for further processes like painting or coating, ensuring optimal adherence and longevity of the surface finish. In shot peening applications, the S170 Steel Shot is used to enhance the fatigue strength of components subjected to high stress and cyclic loads, such as aircraft parts, automotive springs, and turbine blades. The peening action induces compressive stress on the surface, increasing its resistance to fatigue, stress corrosion cracking, and other forms of degradation. This results in increased component lifespan and reliability. Hence, the S170 Steel Shot, with its high performance and cost-effectiveness, stands as an essential tool in various industries for surface treatment and enhancement.

Shot Peening Applications

In the realm of shot peening applications, S170 Steel Shot proves to be an invaluable asset. It is widely used in the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors to improve the mechanical properties of metal parts. The high-speed impact of the S170 Steel Shot against the surface of these components creates a layer of compressive stress, which greatly enhances the resistance against fatigue and stress corrosion cracking. This process extends the service life of parts such as gears, camshafts, connecting rods, and turbine blades, thus reducing the frequency and cost of replacements. The utilization of S170 Steel Shot in shot peening applications not only ensures the longevity of components but also contributes to the overall efficiency and reliability of operations.

Using S170 Steel Shot Effectively

Using S170 Steel Shot Effectively

Airless Shot Blasting Technique

The Airless Shot Blasting technique is an advanced method that leverages the high-speed projection of S170 Steel Shot to create a clean, smooth, and uniformly textured surface. Unlike traditional methods, it does not require the use of compressed air, thus enhancing the energy efficiency of the process. The shot is thrown at a high velocity using a centrifugal wheel, which ensures comprehensive coverage and a high degree of control over the intensity of the blast. This technique is especially beneficial in the removal of surface contaminants, the preparation of surfaces for coatings, and in inducing the desired compressive stress for increased component longevity. The Airless Shot Blasting technique, when used with S170 Steel Shot, optimizes the shot peening process, reducing operation time and cost, while significantly improving the durability and performance of the treated components.

Advantages of S170 Steel Shot over Conventional HSS

S170 Steel Shot offers significant advantages over Conventional High-Speed Steel (HSS) for shot peening applications. Its exceptional hardness and density provide superior longevity, reducing material consumption and operational costs. The uniform round shape ensures consistent coverage and intensity, enhancing the predictability and effectiveness of the peening process. Additionally, S170 Steel Shot promotes environmental sustainability by minimizing dust generation, reducing air pollution, and improving workplace safety. By choosing S170 Steel Shot, industries can improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and contribute to a healthier, safer environment. Experience the benefits of S170 Steel Shot for your shot peening needs.

Related Products and Resources

Related Products and Resources

Other Sizes of Steel Shot

Apart from S170, our range of steel shots includes various other sizes suitable for diverse applications. These include S110, S230, S280, S330, and S390, each tailored for different surface treatment requirements. The smaller sizes S110 and S230 are ideal for delicate operations requiring precision and control, whereas the larger sizes like S330 and S390 offer intense coverage, suitable for heavy-duty blasting. Our breadth of product offerings ensures that we can cater to any specific shot peening need, providing the flexibility to choose the most efficient and effective size for any given application. Choose the optimal steel shot size for your requirements and benefit from enhanced process efficiency and superior results.

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Dive deep into these resources to gain a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted benefits of steel shot peening. Enhance your decision-making process by staying informed about the latest research and industry trends.

Providing the s170 Steel Shot PDF for Download

For a more in-depth look at the specifications and applications of the s170 steel shot, we’ve prepared a detailed PDF for your convenience. It’s packed with valuable information to help you make an informed decision about whether this product is right for you. Click the link below to download the PDF.

  • Download s170 Steel Shot PDF

    This document will provide you with comprehensive insights into the s170 steel shot’s properties, including size, hardness, and durability, as well as its various applications. The PDF also includes relevant case studies that highlight the effectiveness of the s170 steel shot in real-world scenarios.



Summary of the Benefits and Uses of S170 Steel Shot

The S170 steel shot offers a myriad of benefits, from its exceptional durability to its versatile applicability. Its robustness and hardness make it ideal for intensive peening processes, enhancing the fatigue resistance of metal parts. It is particularly effective in mitigating stress corrosion cracking and significantly extending the lifespan of components in various sectors, notably aerospace and automotive industries. The S170 steel shot also contributes to a sustainable environment by reduci

Final Thoughts on Abrasive Cast Steel Shot

In the world of surface treatment, the use of abrasive cast steel shots, particularly S170, has proven to be a game-changer. This product stands out for its exceptional durability, cost-efficiency, and eco-friendliness, making it a top choice for various industries. The ability of S170 steel shot to mitigate stress corrosion, enhance fatigue resistance, and extend component lifespan significantly contributes to operational efficiency and profitability. Moreover, its role in reducing air pollution and elevating workplace safety underscores its value in today’s environmentally-conscious era. All in all, the S170 steel shot is not just a choice, it’s an investment in quality, sustainability, and long-term operational success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: S170 steel shot is a type of steel abrasive used in shot blasting and shot peening applications. It is made from high carbon steel and has a hardness higher than regular high-speed steel.

A: S170 steel shot has a round ball shape and a high hardness. It is made from high carbon steel, which gives it a durable and abrasive structure.

A: S170 steel shot offers several advantages over conventional high-speed steel. It has a higher hardness, which allows for more efficient and effective blasting. It also ensures better coverage and surface finish. Additionally, S170 steel shot is more durable and longer-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

A: In shot peening applications, S170 steel shot is used to bombard the surface of metal components. The impact of the shot particles induces compressive stress, which improves the fatigue life of the component and enhances its resistance to cracking and failure.

A: Yes, S170 steel shot can be used for blast cleaning. Its high hardness and abrasive properties make it effective in removing dirt, rust, paint, and other unwanted surface contaminants from metal structures.

A: The main difference between S170 steel shot and S460 steel shot lies in their size and hardness. S170 steel shot is smaller in size and has a higher hardness compared to S460 steel shot.

A: The specification for S170 steel shot can be found in the related articles and technical resources provided by the supplier. You can also find the specifications in the S170 steel shot PDF available on the supplier’s website.

A: Yes, S170 steel shot can be used in airless shot blasting machines. Its high hardness and round ball shape allow it to be accelerated and propelled by the centrifugal force generated by the machine, resulting in efficient and effective shot blasting.

A: S170 steel shot has various applications, including shot blasting, shot peening, and blast cleaning. It is commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and metal fabrication.

A: High-quality S170 steel shot can be purchased from reputable suppliers specializing in abrasive steel shot. It is recommended to choose a supplier that offers consistent quality steel shot and has a reliable track record in supplying the industry.

A: Yes, S170 steel shot is suitable for peening applications. Its high hardness and abrasive properties make it an effective peening media for inducing compressive stress and improving the fatigue life of metal components.

S170 Steel Shot Expert
S170 Steel Shot Expert
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