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G14 Steel Grit

Get High-Quality G14 Steel Grit from China

Attention manufacturers and industrial professionals! Looking for a reliable source of G14 Steel Grit? Look no further. Kangfeides is your trusted partner for sourcing high-quality G14 Steel Grit directly from China. Our steel grit is manufactured using advanced techniques, ensuring superior hardness and durability for efficient metal surface preparation and treatment. With our competitive pricing and prompt delivery, you can now enhance the productivity and longevity of your equipment.

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    Introducing G14 Steel Grit from Kangfeides

Introducing Kangfeides‘ new G14 Steel Grit, the epitome of unparalleled strength and precision in the realm of surface preparation. Engineered with a unique blend of toughness and angularity, this product is purpose-built to redefine your metal cleaning operations.

  • Kangfeides’ G14 Steel Grit is the pinnacle of strength and accuracy in surface preparation, built with a unique blend of power and angularity.
  • It boasts exceptional hardness, which ensures optimal performance even in challenging applications.
  • Its distinctive angularity allows for more aggressive abrasion, resulting in cleaner, smoother surfaces.
  • G14 Steel Grit is ready to drive productivity, quality, and extended equipment life across the construction, automotive, and aerospace industries.
  • Invest in the best with G14 Steel Grit for superior surface preparation results.
Introducing G14 Steel Grit from Kangfeides
Introducing G14 Steel Grit from Kangfeides

Specification sheet for the G14 Steel Grit

This table provides a comprehensive overview of the G14 Steel Grit’s technical specifications. Its unique chemical composition and impressive hardness metrics allow for superior performance in various industrial applications. The durability parameter indicates a high lifecycle, ensuring cost-effectiveness. Meanwhile, the minimum density value ensures optimal efficiency in high-pressure blasting operations.

ParameterG14 Steel Grit
ChemistryCarbon (C): 0.70~1.20%
Manganese (Mn): 0.35~1.20%
Silicon (Si): 0.40~1.20%
Sulfur (S): ¡Ü0.05%
Phosphorus (P): ≤0.05%
Average HardnessGP:42~52HRC
Hardness Deviation±3.0HRC(±40HV)
Durability2000-2800 times
Minimum Density7.4g/cm3
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    Quality Control

At the core of our operations lies an intricate, in-house quality control system. This robust framework allows us to conduct a wide array of tests, including, but not limited to, chemical composition analysis, hardness assessment, density measurement, and fatigue life testing. Our commitment to maintaining stringent quality standards in our abrasives is unwavering and uncompromising.

Further enhancing our testing capabilities, we have forged a strategic alliance with the SGS Qingdao branch. This partnership broadens our testing portfolio, enabling us to offer additional bespoke testing services tailored to your specific needs, such as abrasive conductivity testing.

Steel Grit Size
Steel Grit Size
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    G14 Steel Grit Production Process

• G14 Steel Grit is produced through a specific set of steps: heat treatment, breaking down a high-carbon steel ball, and screening.
• Heat treating the steel ball allows for the creation of the primary form of steel grit.
• Screening ensures uniform size and shape for better abrasive properties.
• Through this process, an angular and etched surface is created on the steel grit for enhanced coating adhesion.

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    Steel Grit Application

– Eliminating rust and other surface impurities from steel structures, steel plates, steel billets, and other construction materials.

– Preparing surfaces for painting, metallic plating, and metal spraying through surface etching.

– Employing gang-saws to cut granite blocks in the granite industry.

– Creating texture on stones and concrete blocks for surface roughness.

Steel Grit Application
Steel Grit Application
Why Choose Our G14 Steel Grit
Why Choose Our G14 Steel Grit
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    Why Choose Our G14 Steel Grit

  1. Our G14 Steel Grit is crafted from high-carbon steel, providing superior hardness and durability for your abrasive needs.
  2. The product undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring consistent size, shape, and chemical composition.
  3. We offer comprehensive testing capabilities, including hardness, density, and fatigue life, guaranteeing product reliability.
  4. In partnership with the SGS Qingdao branch, we provide customizable testing options to meet your unique requirements.

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G14 Steel Grit: Engineered Precision, Unrivalled Abrasion Resistance.

Prepare to revolutionize your surface preparation process with Kangfeides’ new G14 Steel Grit. Unveiling a whole new dimension of strength and precision, G14 Steel Grit is a testament to meticulously engineered abrasive technology. Its unique blend of robustness and angularity ensures an enhanced cleaning operation that tackles the most resilient of metals with ease. This is more than just an addition to your process; it’s a transformation of your entire metal cleaning operation. Welcome to the future of high-grade abrasiveness, where quality meets consistency.

What is G14 Steel Grit?

What is G14 Steel Grit?

G14 Steel Grit is Kangfeides’ latest innovation in abrasive materials, designed specifically for advanced surface preparation. This specialty product is crafted from high-carbon steel, which is known for its exceptional hardness and durability.

Definition and Composition

G14 Steel Grit is defined by its unique composition, offering an unparalleled balance of hardness and toughness. The grit is produced through a rigorous process of crushing, screening, and tempering high-carbon steel shot, resulting in abrasive particles that are uniform in size and angularity. This composition gives G14 Steel Grit its extraordinary abrasive properties, capable of removing even the most stubborn residues from metal surfaces.

Hardness and Angular Shape

The hardness of G14 Steel Grit is one of its defining characteristics. This hardness, along with the grit’s distinct angular shape, allows for efficient material removal in surface preparation processes. The angular shape of the grit cuts through materials with precision, reducing them to a fine finish. At the same time, the hardness ensures that the grit maintains its shape and effectiveness over prolonged use. This combination of hardness and angularity makes G14 Steel Grit an indispensable tool in any high-performance metal cleaning operation.

Advantages of G14 Steel Grit

Advantages of G14 Steel Grit

Unrivaled Abrasion Resistance

G14 Steel Grit’s high-carbon composition results in unparalleled abrasion resistance, significantly outperforming other abrasive materials in the market. This resistance allows the grit to maintain its angular shape and effectiveness even after numerous blasting cycles, resulting in a more consistent and efficient cleaning operation.

Efficient Blasting Performance

G14 Steel Grit is engineered for efficiency. Its unique blend of hardness and angularity provides a superior cutting action that can smoothly penetrate harsh surfaces. This precise and powerful performance significantly reduces blasting time, leading to increased productivity and reduced operational costs in surface preparation processes.

Versatile Applications

The versatility of G14 Steel Grit is another one of its key strengths. Its exceptional abrasive properties make it suitable for a variety of applications, from removing heavy scale and rust to preparing surfaces for coating or painting. Whether you’re working with ferrous metals or non-ferrous alloys, G14 Steel Grit is your go-to solution for adequate and high-quality metal surface preparation.

Choosing the Right Grit Size

Choosing the Right Grit Size

Choosing the correct grit size is crucial to achieving optimal results in your surface preparation process. The grit size dramatically influences the finish of the surface and the speed of the blasting operation. The G14 Steel Grit, with its fine granularity, is a versatile choice that can handle a wide range of applications.

Understanding Grit Size

The grit size of an abrasive material like the G14 Steel Grit refers to the size of the individual particles. Smaller grit sizes, such as G14, result in a smoother finish, while larger grit sizes are used for more aggressive material removal. Understanding the grit size can help you choose the correct abrasive material for your specific application, ensuring a balance between speed and surface finish.

Recommended Grit Sizes for Different Applications

For heavy rust and scale removal, a larger grit size might be more effective. However, if you’re preparing a surface for coating or painting, a smaller grit size, like G14, would be more suitable as it creates a smooth, clean surface. In applications requiring precision and finesse, such as in the aerospace or automotive industries, G14 Steel Grit is often the preferred choice due to its fine granularity and superior performance.

Optimizing the Blasting Process with G14 Steel Grit

What is G14 Steel Grit?

The blasting process can be optimized by using appropriate equipment and techniques. High-performance blasting machines, coupled with the correct nozzle size, can significantly enhance the efficiency of the G14 Steel Grit. For the best results, it’s essential to regulate the pressure and maintain a consistent distance while blasting.

Ensuring Safety during the Blasting Process

Safety should never be compromised during blasting operations. Always wear necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety glasses, gloves, and protective clothing. Also, ensure the blasting area is well-ventilated and use dust collectors to minimize dust production.

Effective Media Recycling with G14 Steel Grit

One of the perks of using G14 Steel Grit is its recyclability. To effectively recycle the media, use a high-quality abrasive recycling system that separates the reusable grit from the dust and debris. This not only reduces waste but also cuts down on operational costs. With G14 Steel Grit, you get a high-performing, sustainable solution for your surface preparation needs.

G14 Steel Grit Industry Standards

Adherence to industry standards is crucial in maintaining the quality and consistency of G14 Steel Grit. The manufacturing process is closely monitored to ensure that the grit meets or exceeds all relevant industry specifications. For instance, the hardness, density, and granular size of the G14 Steel Grit are rigorously tested and verified to ensure the highest level of quality assurance.

SAE Standard for Carbon Steel Grit

The G14 Steel Grit is produced in compliance with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards for Carbon Steel Grit. These standards dictate the specific characteristics of steel grit, including hardness, size, density, and shape, which are critical for consistent performance in surface preparation and blast cleaning.

Manufacturer Specifications

At Kangfeides, we’re committed to maintaining stringent manufacturer specifications for our G14 Steel Grit. Our steel grit is produced using state-of-the-art machinery and technology, ensuring its toughness, angularity, and efficiency in surface preparation. Our G14 Steel Grit is designed to deliver optimal performance, reducing operational costs and contributing to your project’s success.


In conclusion, Kangfeides’ G14 Steel Grit stands as an industry leader due to its quality, performance, and compliance with industry standards and manufacturer specifications. Its unique blend of attributes makes it the ideal choice for surface preparation, delivering a smooth, clean surface every time. With G14 Steel Grit, you can count on efficient, effective, and sustainable operations that meet and exceed all your project demands.

Unlocking the Full Potential of G14 Steel Grit

Through continual innovation and a steadfast commitment to quality, Kangfeides empowers its customers to unlock the full potential of the G14 Steel Grit. The resilience and adaptability of this product make it ideally suited for a broad range of blasting applications. By opting for G14 Steel Grit, you’re not simply selecting a product – you’re choosing a solution that will enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure a premium surface finish.

Contact Us for Your Blasting Needs

Are you ready to experience the transformative power of G14 Steel Grit in your operations? Kangfeides is here to provide blast cleaning solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn how our G14 Steel Grit can streamline your surface preparation processes and contribute to the success of your project. Don’t settle for less – choose the best with Kangfeides’ G14 Steel Grit.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A: G14 Steel Grit is a high-carbon steel grit abrasive that is engineered for precision and offers unrivaled abrasion resistance.

A: In the context of G14 Steel Grit, “abrasive” refers to a material that is used for grinding or polishing a surface through friction.

A: The main difference between G14 and G18 Steel Grit is their particle size. G14 has a smaller particle size compared to G18.

A: G14 Steel Grit has a high hardness level, which contributes to its superior abrasion resistance.

A: G14 Steel Grit is commonly used in grit blasting and shot blasting applications for surface preparation, cleaning, and etching.

A: Several manufacturers produce G14 Steel Grit, known for their high-quality and precision-engineered steel abrasives.

A: G14 Steel Grit has a density that allows it to deliver a powerful impact and achieve effective surface cleaning and preparation.

A: G14 Steel Grit has an angular shape, which helps it to penetrate and remove surface contaminants more efficiently.

A: G14 Steel Grit is produced by crushing high-quality steel particles and subjecting them to a heat treatment process.

A: The advantage of using G14 Steel Grit for blasting applications is its ability to efficiently remove coatings and surface contaminants, resulting in a clean and properly prepared surface.

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