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S230 Steel Shot

Quality S230 Steel Shot Supplier from China

Looking for top-notch steel shot for your industrial needs? Look no further than Kangfeides. We are a reputable wholesaler specializing in S230 Steel Shot from China. Our steel shot is of unparalleled quality, ensuring exceptional results for all your blasting and peening applications. With our competitive wholesale prices, you can save big on your steel shot needs. Don’t settle for subpar quality, choose Kangfeides for the best steel shot in the market. Contact us today to place your order and experience the superior performance of our S230 Steel Shot for yourself!

  • Introducing S230 Steel Shot from Kangfeides

    Introducing S230 Steel Shot from Kangfeides

• Kangfeides S230 Steel Shot is a premium-quality product that provides exceptional durability and strength.
• It is made of high-carbon steel and designed to withstand heavy-duty operations and extreme conditions.
• Its spherical shape and consistent size enable more precise impact and coverage than irregularly shaped alternatives.
• It is an eco-friendly, renewable resource that can be recycled many times without losing quality or effectiveness, making it cost-effective and sustainable.
• If you are looking for durable steel shot with superior performance for industrial applications, S230 Steel Shot from Kangfeides should be your top choice!

S230 Steel Shot
S230 Steel Shot

Specification sheet for the S230 Steel Shot

Test ItemsSpecifications
Chemical CompositionC0.85-1.200.85-1.20
Hardness ( HRC )60-66(GH)40-50
Metallographic StructureEven-tempered martensiteEven-tempered martensite
  • Introducing S230 Steel Shot from Kangfeides

    Quality Control

At our company, we take great pride in our robust in-house quality control system. Our testing capabilities are comprehensive, encompassing chemical component analysis, hardness and density testing, as well as fatigue life testing. We are fully committed to maintaining stringent standards for the quality control of our abrasives.

In addition, we have established a strong partnership with SGS Qingdao branch, which allows us to offer even more testing options tailored to your specific requirements. One such option is abrasive conductivity testing. Rest assured, we go above and beyond to provide the thorough and precise testing you need.

Steel Shot Production Process
Steel Shot Production Process
  • Introducing S230 Steel Shot from Kangfeides

    S230 Steel Shot Production Process

S230 Steel Shot is produced using high-grade carbon steel scrap sourced from discarded automobiles and construction beams.
• The scrap is melted in an electric arc furnace at temperatures exceeding 1600°C.
• The molten steel is atomized using a high-pressure water jet or a rotating disk to determine size and shape of the shots.
• Heat treatments including quenching and tempering are used to harden the steel shot, achieving the desired microstructure.
• The shots are screened and graded according to the S230 specification (0.6 mm diameter) before undergoing rigorous quality control and visual inspections.
• Once all standards are met, the steel shot is packaged securely for safe transport and storage.

  • Introducing S230 Steel Shot from Kangfeides

    Steel Shot Application

• Descaling is a vital process that enhances the surface quality and durability of various metal alloys, including steel, iron, copper, and aluminum.

• Ensuring the removal of sand and other impurities from foundry products is crucial in order to amplify their toughness and overall performance.

• Shot peening is a reliable technique that can significantly strengthen a wide range of items, such as automotive parts, aircraft components, railway castings, gears, steel chips, and tools.

Steel Shot Application
Steel Shot Application
Choose Our S230 Steel Shot
  • Introducing S230 Steel Shot from Kangfeides

    Why Choose Our S230 Steel Shot

• Our S230 steel shot is a reliable, high-quality, and effective blasting media option on the market.
• It boasts superior hardness and durability, as well as consistent shape and size for optimal results.
• Highly resistant to corrosion and rust, it also produces less dust compared to other blasting media for enhanced safety and performance.
• Moreover, it is an eco-friendly solution made from recycled steel.
• With our S230 steel shot, you are assured of satisfaction-guaranteed blasting results.

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S230 Steel Shot for Efficient Blast Cleaning Applications - High-Quality Abrasive Blast Media

This introduction serves as a guide to an in-depth look into the S230 Steel Shot, a high-quality abrasive blast media. The exploration will delve into the unique attributes of the product, its design elements, and material composition, with concise and precise information provided. Comparative advantages with alternative abrasive media in the market will be highlighted to demonstrate superior performance in blast cleaning applications. The journey delves into Kangfeides’ dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction through powerful efficiency and high quality that this abrasive blast media brings to blast cleaning applications.



What is Steel Shot?

Steel Shot is an abrasive blast media used extensively in blast cleaning applications due to its high performance and versatility. Manufactured from premium-quality steel materials, these spherical particles exhibit remarkable hardness and density, contributing to their exceptional impact resistance and durability.

Benefits of Using Steel Shot

Utilizing Steel Shot as an abrasive media presents several compelling advantages. Steel Shot’s impressive toughness primarily ensures a prolonged life span, reducing the frequency of media replacement and thus curtailing operational costs. By its spherical shape, Steel Shot provides uniform cleaning, chipping away rust, mill scale, and old paint while maintaining the integrity of the substrate. Additionally, the controlled randomness of its impact profile results in a superior surface finish, preparing the material for coatings or further processing, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the end product.

Properties of S230 Steel Shot

Properties of S230 Steel Shot

Composition of S230 Steel Shot

The S230 Steel Shot is comprised of a high-carbon steel alloy. This particular makeup provides the essential hardness and strength to the media and ensures a balanced degree of elasticity. This resilience enables the shot to withstand repeated impact without significant deformation or fragmentation, further augmenting its operational longevity.

Hardness and Durability

S230 Steel Shot exhibits a hardness range typically between 40 to 51 HRC (Rockwell C Scale). This extensive hardness level guarantees an abrasive solid action and an extended media life span. Its durability is further enhanced by a heat treatment process, which tempers the steel shot to a uniform hardness and ensures consistent performance throughout its lifecycle.

Size and Shape

In terms of size, the S230 Steel Shot has a moderate diameter of approximately 0.6 mm, making it suitable for various blast cleaning operations. Its spherical shape, devoid of sharp edges or irregular surfaces, contributes to a more even dispersal upon impact, facilitating a uniform cleaning action and yielding a smooth, consistent finish on the treated substrate.

Applications of S230 Steel Shot

Applications of S230 Steel Shot

S230 Steel Shot showcases a range of applications owing to its effective abrasive properties and durability. Some of its critical applications include:

Shot Blasting

Because of its moderate size and well-rounded shape, the S230 Steel Shot is ideal for shot-blasting operations. It’s capable of efficiently removing rust, scale, and other surface contaminants from various substrates, including metal parts, castings, and forgings, resulting in a clean and uniform surface ready for further processing.

Abrasive Blasting

S230 Steel Shot can also be used for abrasive blasting, a process where the shot is propelled at high velocities towards a surface. Its high hardness and resilience ensure that it maintains its shape upon impact, providing a consistent and effective abrasive action. It’s suitable for abrasive blasting operations on buildings, bridges, and other large structures, where it helps remove old paint, rust, and other surface impurities.


the S230 Steel Shot is also used extensively in peening processes thanks to its high carbon steel composition and uniform hardness. Peening helps to induce a compressive stress layer on the surface of metal parts, which enhances their resistance to fatigue and stress corrosion cracking. The shot’s hardness and spherical shape make it well-suited to this role, producing an even and controlled peening effect.

Using S230 Steel Shot

Using S230 Steel Shot

Equipment and Tools

S230 Steel Shot requires specialized equipment like shot blasting machines or abrasive blasting cabinets. These machines come in various designs and sizes tailored to the application’s needs. Always ensure you operate these devices according to the manufacturer’s instructions to maximize efficiency and ensure the longevity of the Steel Shot.

Proper Handling and Storage

When not in use, the S230 Steel Shot should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area to prevent moisture, leading to rust and compromising the shot’s quality. Always handle the image with clean, dry hands or gloves, and use appropriate containers for transportation and storage. 

Precautions and Safety Measures

Safety should always be a priority when working with S230 Steel Shot. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including goggles, gloves, and protective clothing. Also, ensure the work area is well-ventilated to avoid dust accumulation. Always follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines and industry best practices to prevent accidents. Regular maintenance and equipment inspection are essential to ensure it is in good working order and safe to use.

Related Products

Related Products

  1. S330 Steel Shot: An alternative to the S230, the S330 Steel Shot offers higher peening intensity, excellent for applications that require more aggressive shot peening.
  2. Steel Grit: Steel Grit offers a more angular shape than Steel Shot. This makes it ideal for fast cutting and aggressive surface preparation.
  3. Cut Wire Shot: Perfect for cleaning, deburring, and surface finishing, Cut Wire Shot is versatile in addressing various surface treatment needs.
  4. W Abrasives: Known for their durability and efficiency, W Abrasives perform excellently in descaling, cleaning, and surface preparation tasks.
  5. Stainless Steel Shot: Stainless Steel Shot offers superior resistance to rust, making it perfect for applications in wet or corrosive environments.
  6. Carbon Steel Shot: Carbon Steel Shot is rugged and durable, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications requiring a high-impact, robust abrasive.

Remember, the abrasive material selection should align with your application’s specific needs, factoring in characteristics like hardness, size, shape, and desired surface finish. Always adhere to safety standards while handling these materials to ensure a safe and efficient operation.

Purchase S230 Steel Shot

When considering the purchase of S230 Steel Shot, various options are available to cater to the diverse needs of your applications.

Size and Quantity

The S230 Steel Shot comes in various sizes to suit different applications. We’ve covered you whether you need aggressive surface prep or delicate cleaning. Sizes include S170, S230, S280, S330, S390, S460, S550, S660, S780, and S930. 

In terms of quantity, we offer various packaging options, starting from 25-kg bags to 1-ton bulk bags. Custom quantities are also available upon request to suit your specific needs.


Our packaging options are designed to ensure safe transport and storage. Steel Shots are packed in moisture-proof packaging to prevent rust formation. Moreover, all packages are clearly labeled with size, grade, lot number, and weight for easy identification and inventory management.


Pricing for the S230 Steel Shot is competitive, and we offer volume discounts for larger orders. For a detailed quote, please contact our sales team, who will assist you based on your needs.

Investing in the S230 Steel Shot ensures the longevity of your equipment and the quality of your finished product. Make the smart choice and contact us today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

A: S230 Steel Shot is used for various applications such as shot blasting, shot peening, and steel surface cleaning. It is commonly used in automotive, aerospace, foundries, and metal fabrication industries.

A: The main difference between S230 and S330 Steel Shot is their size. S230 Steel Shot has a smaller size compared to S330 Steel Shot. The size of the steel shot affects its blasting and peening capabilities.

A: No, S230 Steel Shot is not made of stainless steel. It is made of carbon steel, a durable and cost-effective material for blast-cleaning applications.

A: A bag of S230 Steel Shot typically weighs 50 lbs. This weight is convenient for handling and transporting the abrasive blast media.

A: Yes, the S230 Steel Shot can be recycled. After the shot blasting process, the steel shot can be collected, cleaned, and reused for subsequent blast cleaning operations. This helps reduce waste and lower the overall cost of blast cleaning.

A: The peening action of the S230 Steel Shot refers to propelling the steel shot onto a metal surface to create controlled stress and impart compressive strength. This process helps improve the fatigue life and durability of metal components.

A: The size of the S230 Steel Shot affects its coverage, impact force, and surface finish. Smaller shot sizes like S230 are typically used for fine surface cleaning and peening applications, while larger shot sizes are used for more aggressive surface preparation.

A: Some advantages of using S230 Steel Shot include its high-quality and consistent performance, cost-effectiveness, durability, and the ability to be recycled. It is a trusted abrasive blast media for various blast cleaning applications.

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